Welcome to Pet Kisses - Keepsakes for the Animal Lover - Cats, dogs, fashion, jewelry - All Proceeds are donated to Rescue Centers

Welcome to Pet Kisses

I am Michael. I too am a lover of animals. This is my dog, Rose. I feel pets are a gift from above to show us how to love unconditionally. To show us compassion. To show us we matter. I thank you for coming to this store and any and all support you can give is welcomed. 

I will not list the stats associated with homeless pets and the amount that are put down each year as I do not wish to cry, nor do I wish for you to either. If you are a pet lover like me, you very well know that it is sickening.

I started Pet Kisses as a means to somehow do something more than what I already was doing. A portion of everyone's purchase is donated to a couple different No Kill Shelters here in Iowa. My goal is to get this store to the point that 100% of all sales go to help animals out. With your help and support, we can get there.

Many know of my writings as Supra Sapien on Instagram. Feel free to check that out @suprasapien and follow me if somewhere in my words, a message can get to you and help you through a darkness.

That darkness is deep for many pets. I plan to write articles here as well to shed some light to the world since our four-legged friends do not have a voice. If I had my way, I would hire a team of ninjas to dispatch when someone harms a pet or give them a good spanking when they abandon them. 

I would love to see pictures and videos of your pets as well. Also if anyone has any blog posts, they would like to share, I will post some of them. I am actively brainstorming as to ways I can motivate those writings and pictures. If you have products you are specifically looking for(someone recently asked for something for their pet raccoon that I am keeping an eye out to procure) just let me know. 

My staff and I are working very hard to improve this site each and every day. I would welcome any ideas and feedback to improve Pet Kisses. Submit them to support@petkisses.com. As the ink on my wrist states "Today I Will Be Better Than I Was Yesterday", I want Pet Kisses to be better every day. With your help, it will be.

I would like this website to be more than just a store, but a community of sorts and a resource of valuable information for all to share. 

Thank you for visiting and your support. Welcome to the Pet Kisses family.


(and Rose!)



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