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Land of Stray Dogs (Territorio de Zaguates)

Country of Stray Dogs (Territorio de Zaguates) 1

There are so many great places to donate time and resources for the well being of pets. Territorio de Zaguates in Costa Rica is one place that I have personally have donated to. I aspire to one day be able to roam in this wonderful doggy sanctuary.

Costa Rica has outlawed euthanasia in 2003, something the rest of the world should follow suit. That has forced people to take better control of their stray problem by getting animals spayed and neutered. It also has allowed for a place like this to be created. 

Country of Stray Dogs (Territorio de Zaguates) 2

Alvari Saumet and his wife Lya Battle started the sanctuary Nearly 10 years ago. Thousands of abandoned dogs have found refuge since then. While the facility can act as a forever home, all of the canines are up for adoption.

Country of Stray Dogs (Territorio de Zaguates) 3

The sanctuary is also open to the public on specified dates. Volunteers are always needed. The walk-through is free, but the facility relies on donations to thrive. Interested adoptive parents can schedule a time to walk through the refuge and check out the amazing dogs.

Country of Stray Dogs (Territorio de Zaguates) 4

The dogs are free to roam the 1,000-acre enclosure during the day but have shelter and water available at all times. There are beds and play areas that are donated. Volunteers run and play with the dogs(Can we all go?) 


Country of Stray Dogs (Territorio de Zaguates) 5

Their webpage is https://www.territoriodezaguates.com/ where you can donate, sponsor a mutt, and schedule a visit! Who wants to go with me?



All photos via Territorio de Zaguates Oficial/Facebook Like, share and donate for this worthy cause!



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